Look to the future with a stocks and shares ISA

Open an ISA in minutes and enjoy tax-free returns on your investment. Decide which investment style aligns with your goals and choose what risk level you're comfortable with.

With investment, your capital is at risk. Tax treatment depends on your individual circumstances and may change in the future.

John Lewis Investments provided by Nutmeg

John Lewis works with Nutmeg to offer you a simple and convenient way to invest your money. We have flexible options that will work for you and align with your goals.

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With investment, your capital is at risk.

Tax-efficient investing

A tax-efficient way to invest

Invest your money with a stocks and shares ISA and you won’t pay any tax on any potential returns. Any growth you make on your yearly allowance (£20,000) is completely tax-free. 

As the markets go up or down, so will the value of your investments. This means your money has the potential to grow further than in a normal cash ISA in the long-term, but it could decrease in the short-term too.  

Decide which investment style aligns to your goals and choose the level of risk you're comfortable with. And remember to make the most of your full allowance if you are able to - you can't roll it over to the next tax year.

Tax treatment will be determined on your individual circumstances, and may change in the future.

How it works

Stocks and shares ISAs are best suited to mid and long-term goals. But no matter how long yours lasts, we’ll be with you every step of the way. If you need any support or guidance, our team will be happy to help.   

Expertly designed socially responsible investment portfolios

Expertly designed

Our investment team has built a range of portfolios, which are tailored to your chosen risk level and investment style.

Simple investing


Open your account with £500 or more, or transfer an ISA from another provider, and select your investment style and risk level. Our fees are clear and we don't charge exit fees.

Transfer an existing ISA whilst you open an account, use our straightforward guide to find out more.

Transparent investing


With 24/7 access to your account, you can clearly see where your ISA is invested and how it’s performing. 

With investment, your capital is at risk.

Try our ISA calculator

Find out how much your ISA could be worth in 20 years. Select a risk level, then enter your current stocks and shares ISA value, or the amount you’ll contribute.

What you’ll need to reach your goal

Capital at risk. Projections are never a perfect predictor of future performance, and are intended as an aid to decision making, not as a guarantee. The projection includes the effect of fees, investment fund costs, and market spread – personalised according to your planned contributions – but does not take into account the effects of inflation or tax. It assumes income is reinvested.

With investment, your capital is at risk.

Our fees are clear
and fair

There are 3 separate fees associated with our investment accounts:

Nutmeg fees
Charged as a percentage of your portfolio value and includes VAT where applicable. Collected once per month.

Fund cost
The average investment fund cost per year. This also includes estimated transaction costs within the funds.

Market spread
Average effect of market spread per year. This is the difference in price between buying and selling assets.

You can find out more about our fees here or in the breakdown below.  

Socially responsible investment portfolio

Expert investing tailored to you

Whether your goals are big or small, you can look forward to the same care and attention from our team of experts. We make investing easy and provide a choice of investment styles that work for you.

Our investment styles

Socially Responsible

A socially responsible approach to your investments

It is our aim to ensure that your investments align with your goals. Our socially responsible portfolios focus on investments in companies and bond issuers that take into account certain environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations. We invest in exchange traded funds (ETFs) that avoid companies engaged in controversial activities and focus on those that spearhead ESG. Nutmeg's approach to socially responsible investing can be found below.

Annual costs and charges

0.75% up to £100k, 0.35% beyond

+Average investment fund cost: 0.33%

+Average market spread: 0.08%

Fully Managed

Managed portfolios tailored for you

We believe our clients should have a simple and straightforward approach to their investments. Fully Managed is designed to take the hard part out of investing. Your portfolio will be managed by our expert investment team, who use cutting-edge technology to make strategic adjustments based on news, data and analysis, and rebalance them when necessary.

Annual costs and charges

0.75% up to £100k, 0.35% beyond

+Average investment fund cost: 0.21%

+Average market spread: 0.08%

Free call with an investment expert

Need some extra help? You can call a Nutmeg investment expert for free investment guidance. Whether it’s a quick chat on how our investment styles work or a longer discussion about your retirement plans, they’re there to answer all your burning investment questions.

  • Speak to an expert for free at any stage of your journey with us 
  • Tailored guidance no matter your life stage or investing experience 
  • Support with your financial goals
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As with all investing, your capital is at risk

Choose our general
investment account

Enjoy a simple way to invest more money once you've reached your annual ISA allowance.

Nutmeg general investment account

1. Our experts will create a globally diversified portfolio in a way that works for you and your investment objectives.

2. Unlike an ISA, there are no tax benefits, but you can contribute as much as you want, starting with £500 or more.

3. There are no exit fees and you’re free to adjust your risk level at any time.

Tax treatment depends on your individual circumstances and may change in the future.

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With investment, your capital is at risk.

Tax treatment depends on your individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future.

Frequently asked questions

You can open an ISA if you are a UK tax resident and over the age of 18, if you meet the eligibility criteria. Parents or guardians can open a Junior ISA on behalf of their children.

By having a stocks and shares ISA, it means you are investing your money and not just saving it in cash. Whether or not you should open a stocks and shares ISA will depend on what your individual goals are, how long you want to invest and what your appetite for risk is.

You can transfer your ISAs whenever you want to. You may transfer an ISA to reduce fees you pay or to increase your chances of getting higher returns on your investment. If you transfer an ISA, make sure to use the transfer service offered by your new provider. If you withdraw money yourself, it may impact your annual allowance.

If you withdraw from certain types of ISA, depending on the type of ISA it may include penalties or charges. If you have a John Lewis Investments stocks and shares ISA, you won’t be charged a fee for any withdrawals.

Until they are closed, even after you pass away, ISAs retain their tax benefits. Regardless of who you leave your ISAs to in your will, your spouse or civil partner can inherit the value of your ISA as a one-off additional tax-free allowance.

You can open or contribute to the following types of ISA per tax year, as long as you don't exceed the £20,000 annual allowance:

  • Stocks and shares ISAs
  • Cash ISAs
  • Innovative Finance ISAs
  • Lifetime ISAs (£4,000 annual limit, only one per tax year)

    John Lewis Investments only offers stocks and shares ISAs and Junior ISAs.

    Each child can have one cash JISA and one stocks and shares JISA. On turning 16 you can take control of your JISAs but cannot withdraw the money until you're 18. Once 18, you can choose to consolidate your cash and stocks and shares JISAs into one ISA, or change provider. Each child has a £9,000 per year JISA limit, which is separate to the parent/guardian's £20,000 allowance. Once a parent or guardian has opened a JISA for their child, anyone can contribute to it - up to the annual limit.

    You’re able to split the amount any way you like between the different ISA types you're eligible for, as long as you make sure never to contribute more than £20,000 during the tax year. If you invest more than this year’s ISA allowance in your John Lewis Investments account before the end of the current tax year, any investments beyond the ISA allowance will be held in a General Investment Account (GIA) and you may have to pay tax on any returns. It’s important to remember that the Junior ISA allowance is separate to the £20,000 ISA allowance. 

A general investment account is a simple way to invest more money once you've used up all of your ISA limit for the tax year. Unlike an ISA or pension, there are no tax benefits or contribution limit when investing in a general investment account. But like our ISAs, our experts will create a globally diversified portfolio in a way that works for you.

The general investment account is flexible and easy to use. Our investment experts will put your money to work for you, so you don’t have to spend valuable time managing it yourself.

To open a general investment account, you have to be over 18, a UK or EEA resident and have a UK bank account.